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About Saffron Girl

“Saffron Girl” was born while Shahla was working with cancer patients, creating weekly meals plans, adding saffron to every meal and herbal tea that she made for them. Shahla’s grandmother taught her about the healing powers of this magical spice when she was a child, she used to say, “Every herb and spice has healing power and we can use them to treat our body, mind, and soul”. Those words were whispered in her ear since she was a child. Once she started her own business, Shahla choose to call it “Saffron Girl”. After all she is a girl who grew up in the land which produced the best saffron on earth! (Iran).

Meet Chef Shahla Shahmiri

Shahla Shahmiri is a cookbook author, mother, healthy food activist and philanthropist who grew up with her grandma who was known for cooking healthy food.  From the early on, Shahla recognized how the people of her small town appreciated her grandmother’s cooking. She educated Shahla about the properties of foods (the concept of hot versus cold) and how they interact with one another to help us stay fit and cure common illnesses.


As time went on and the emphasis on eating healthy became more important than ever before, her clients encouraged her to expand her healthy home cooking and catering business.  Shahla has prepared and delivered over 10,000 healthy meals, each created with a specific purpose in mind as she calls it “the balancing act of the hot and cold properties of specific foods to provide the utmost in nutrition.” She published her first book in 2012 and is in process of publishing her latest books in near future.


In addition to her activities in US and DFW Areas, she has been a well-known speaker in multiple healthy food cooking conferences globally i.e. London, Los Angeles, Nottingham and many more regions. Shahla started her education in Australia graduating with honors in photography and creative art. She immigrated from Australia to US in 2008 where she has continued her education and research in Health and Nutrition.