The Vision

When Chef Shahla was a young girl, her grandmother often spoke of a healing power which could be harnessed through certain herbs and spices. This wisdom, passed down to Chef Shahla at a young age, instilled in her a lifelong passion for creating recipes that were not only delicious, but could be used to naturally heal the body, mind and spirit. Chef Shahla opened Saffron Girl to share her love of delicious and healthy food with others. 



Her vision was simple:


Make it easy and affordable for others to live a healthier lifestyle.


 Offer the world, unique, nutritious, and flavorful 



   Have a positive impact on the lives of others

through her love of food.

About Chef 


Chef Shahla is a health food activist, philanthropist, author and mother who was raised in a small village in Iran by her wonderful herbalist, grandmother. People from all corners of life came to her grandmother for advice on what types of herbs and spices which could help cure their ailments. It was from her Grandmother that Chef Shahla developed a love for cooking and a passion for creating tasty recipes to support health and nutrition. In 2008, Shahla immigrated to the U.S. to continue her education and research in nutrition. She began working with cancer patients and  created menus to support their recovery. Her experience working with these patients led Shahla to look for a way to share her passion for creating healthy, delicious food, with an even wider audience. Saffron Girl is the fulfillment of Chef Shahla’s vision to help others experience the amazing benefits of life balanced in mind, body and spirit. 


Chef Shahla chose to name her restaurant after the spice saffron, which has immense healing powers and aids in the treatment of everything from depression to Alzheimer’s disease. Chef Shahla uses saffron as a “magic” ingredient in many of her signature dishes to enhance flavor and nutrition. As a “super” spice, Chef Shahla believed using the term, “saffron” in her business name, would best reflect her food wisdom and philosophies that she hoped to share with the world. Shahla hopes to have a positive impact, no matter how small it may be, on the lives of each and every person who walks through her door.



From the Street


“Okay first impressions. This place smells and feels like home. The owner made me feel like I knew her and I was apart of her family. She was so welcoming and happy just to be there. I ordered whatever she recommended because I loved her energy so much I could tell whatever she was going to bring out was going to be amazing. And it was lol”


“This place is truly amazing!! I love their pizza and not only it’s healthy but it tastes so yummy too :) The owner of the restaurant is so sweet and always makes you feel welcomed! I highly recommend you to try this place out!!!”


Absolutely love this place. Don't even have words to describe how lovely both the owner and this place is. Such a family friendly enviornment and my kids loved it too."

Chef Shahla's Publications

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